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There are so many different styles of clothing involved in Mod culture that you can write a book about each individual item. For this reason it is easy to find something to assemble a mod look for yourself.


There are many different styles such as tailored suits, jackets, hairstyles and accessories. One type of jackets that were very popular in the sixties were the Monkey Jackets which sometimes were also called Harrington jackets.


There is a likeness between these and the tanker type jackets which were worn in World War 2. They were allowed to be worn as a uniform was far too hot and restrictive to be worn in the battle field.


They are essential garments that keep the wind out such as a wind cheater. The only difference between the Harrington and the monkey variety is the collar which in the latter which has knitted cuffs, hem and collar rather than it being buttoned up.


Initially they were produced for golfers, but as their popularity grew everybody who had sense bought one as they were brilliant in keeping foul weather out.


If you should buy one of these garments you need to make sure it is a proper fit. They have a habit of riding up because of the knitted hem. There are slim-fits available which hems are not so rigid and they should fit perfectly.


There are many garments that can be worn with this, but for a casual look and in keeping with the Mod culture a polo shirt and either chinos or jeans would top it off nicely. For shoes you could use desert boots or perhaps even some bowling shoes which are typical wear from the period.


Even for young adults in the 60’s it was impossible to wear tailored suits day in day out and the jacket described above made an acceptable entrance in the otherwise mundane sport clothing circles.  Sporting gear was common place and they still needed to put their own stamp on alternative style.

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Anyone throwing away their last tobacco cigarette in order to start vaping, is very likely to be highly confused about the equipment and the juices.


There is plenty that can be learnt online. But a visit to a local town vape store is the most useful option to take.


A friend that is already vaping is probably not the ideal person to ask. Vaping is a highly individual set of choices from the equipment to the near mind-boggling choices of e juices.


It’s a bit like using the aftershave or the deodorant a friend uses. What may be OK for him is unlikely to be another’s choice.


This is the reason that should you ever see a list reading something like; best e liquid UK, you’re better off ignoring it. On the other hand, a list that reveals the top selling juices may help a person pick one or two to try.


It’s impossible to look at all the e liquid flavours as there are an estimated ten thousand around the world. Many juices come from the USA and this seems odd as many States don’t even permit vaping.




Laws around the world on the subject of vaping vary considerably. And there are differences between States and regions. Anyone going abroad for work or holiday, should check carefully the laws in that destination country.


It’s also worth checking the airlines website to check rules about storage of vapes and juices. Like the law on laptops, this seems to constantly change.


The esteemed WHO produced a report a few years ago expressing its worries about vaping. This led to many countries completely banning it. But somewhat bizarrely, many of these are poorer nations with a very high percentage of users of tobacco.


Even some Australian Territories ban vaping and as at least one disgruntled person observed, tobacco kills and vaping probably doesn’t. Furthermore, it’s tempting to believe that the revenue income from tobacco is greater than from vape juice.

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There are many clothes that have their origin in the sixties when there was a true fashion explosion. All kind of styles made their appearance as an antidote to the post war austerity years.


If you are looking for Brutus Trimfit you will find that it is a roll neck sweater which is now sold in many colours. The brand only produced dark colours in the sixties but a younger member of the family suggested that they should try white.



The company has never looked back as garments just kept flying off the shelf. These kinds of sweaters are still very popular.


Many people, both men and women do like a garment that keeps their neck warm in the winter months. A trim fit one is a very versatile piece of clothing. They can be used in truly cold weather as the bottom layer for putting another jumper on top. Layering is very common and practical in the winter months because it traps warm air between the garments.


Of course, at this time of the year in our recent hot weather they are too hot to wear, but there is no reason why you should not stock up now for later on this year. Besides, the temperature has dropped somewhat and it is perfect weather at the moment to show your pecks in this trim fitting piece of clothing.


They are also easier to wear for a casual night out because a shirt restricts body movement somewhat. Besides, they look good under a jacket and the best thing is that you do not need a tie. You will still look smart casual in an outfit like that.


Another advantage of a sweater like this is that it defines the shape of your face which is always flattering to your countenance.


If you are going to wear one of these you need to know that they look best under a jacket, or if you don’t want to wear one, under a coat.

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Why it makes sense to invest in high quality clothing

With the arrival of certain high turnover high street fashion shops, it's become common for people to buy clothes that they only wear a few times before throwing out. Whilst this may be pleasing in some ways, and other ways it's a terrible idea. Today, we're going to make the argument for choosing quality over quantity when it comes to clothing.


People really notice that you're wearing the same thing more than once


With these High Street retailers, one of the ideas that their success is driving amongst the population is that you should never be caught twice in the same outfit. This is something that celebrities often do, and it's something that every day, ordinary, people are starting to adopt too.  They don't want everyone to think that they wear the same clothes day in and day out, so that always bye in different outfits.  They can afford this because the clothes are incredibly cheap.



This is a terrible idea because people don't notice if you wear the same thing more than once. One of the most important lessons that you can learn in life is that people aren't thinking or noticing you half as much as you think they are. Think about the way that you think; are you always thinking about other people, what they're wearing, and what they're doing? You probably aren't, and the same can be said for everybody else.


It's incredibly wasteful and bad for the environment


These high turnover clothes are terrible in so many different ways. Firstly, the people who make them are underpaid. That affects their local economy, which becomes stuck in this industry and can't branch out.  Secondly, most of these clothes end up in landfill sites. You might think that donating to charity is a good thing but most clothes that I donated to charity do not get used for end up in landfills.


These are two very good reasons for always buying high quality clothes. You won't want to throw them away after ones and once you realised that people are noticing you half as much as you think they are, you'll feel comfortable wearing them as many times as you want. And, what's so wrong with wearing the same clothes multiple times? Nothing.


Quality clothes look good


Quality clothes, such as those made by brands such as Jumpers,John Lewis, and House of Fraser, look good. They spend a lot of research and development creating new fashions that they know will look great. The clothes tailor perfectly to the body and they are flattering for the frame. 


Quality clothes last a long time in good condition


Unless you do something to ruin them, such as put a dry clean only item in your washing machine, your high-quality clothes are going to last longer than your cheaper clothes will. For example, not only does Art Clothing last longer, it also  maintains its condition for much longer, really going out of shape and rarely fading.


3 Tips To Help You Dress Like A Mod This Summer

Mod fashions one of those versatile types of fashion that means that they never quite leave the collective conscience. Every now and then, it makes a new appearance on the High Street and once again, we are blessed with a return to mod-style clothing.  Today, we have written this article to provide you with three fantastic tips that will help you to understand exactly what you should be looking for when buying clothes to suit a mod style.



Remember, you don't have to copy the style exactly, but you can borrow elements from it to create a modern look. It's somewhat ironic that I just used the word modern to update the mod look because the word mod is just an abbreviation of modern. But, as you know, the Mod was actually quite a long time ago now.  Borrow from the look, but make it your own, to create a really awesome look this summer.


Tip one:  mod clothing requires that you choose block colours in specific colours


One of the Iconic things about mod fashion is that it uses block colours to emphasise the look. Typically, mods prefer to use the colours blue, white, and red. This is because it symbolises the Great British flag, the Union Jack.  You can't go wrong if you choose a top or shirt in these three colours. There are occasions where they break out, but if you're looking to create a mod look with a modern twist, then stick to these Colours otherwise it might just appear as if you're creating a completely separate look and people won't associate it with the mods.


The traditional mod look might stick to those traditional colours, but if you want to create a look using mod clothing, but not going all out, then stick to these colours and use them as a backdrop to your outfit.


Tip two:  choose tops that have geometric prints


Another quintessentially mod feature is the geometric print. They love big Block prints in bold block colours. If you imagine mod clothing in your mind, one of the first things you probably picture is the red, white, and blue target. This is essentially the symbol that represents all of mod fashions. Everyone recognises it... At least everybody over a certain age...


Tip three: make sure the clothes are well fitted


Nowadays, we tend to associate the model look with a bit of a rebel persona.  When it comes to being a rebel, tailored clothing isn't necessarily something that you would associate with them, although you would associate it with certain groups, such as the mafia.


Mods are nothing like the mafia in most respects, but in respect of wearing tailored clothing that fits the body well, they share that in common. Avoid wearing anything that's too baggy or unflattering to your frame.


Follow these three tips and you'll be spot on for mod fashion this summer.


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Men's Fashion Advice: How Do You Dress Like A Mod?

Are you tired of typical High Street fashions? Are you looking to develop a more personal style that sets you a little bit apart from the crowd? If you are, then maybe the mod look is the right look for you.


We're going to talk you through the main items of clothing you'll need if you want to pull off the mod look. By the time you reach the end of this article, you should have a much better understanding as to whether the mod appearance is right for you.


General style tips


There are three key elements to the majority of mod fashions. These are:


You must wear tailored clothing. If you're the type of person who likes to wear baggy clothes, then this look isn't for you. It's all about Tailoring and creating a suave silhouette.  The shirts, the trousers, the blazers, the jackets: day or flatter your flame.


The Harrington jacket is a classic style within the mod range. You'll see that even though it has some elements of the casual wardrobe, it also has a relatively tailored look. This is quintessential of the Mod brand: casual but tailored.


Mod fashion has fun with colour. Colour schemes are something that strike people as particularly modish. They're especially fond of the colours red, white, and blue, as evidenced by their iconic target symbol. You can get away with wearing colours that are less bright, for example, the Harrington jacket comes in Navy and berry red.


Mod fashion makes use of block geometric patterns.  We’ve already mentioned the Iconic target symbol, but aside from that, mods are known for their like off block geometric patterns. These are large icons or patterns in simple geometric shapes, such as the target, or Mary Quant flower.


Iconic items of clothing


Mods have a number of different styles of clothing associated with their fashion.


The Harrington style jacket. We've already mentioned this twice, and that should clue you into how integral it is to the mod Style.


The boating blazer. For those mods that want to glam up their casual outfit or play down their formal outfits, they can't go wrong with a boating blazer.


A-line skirts and miniskirts are quintessential of female mod fashions. Mary Quant is a designer particularly associated with the mod look. If you're interested in learning more about A-line skirts and dresses, and short skirts, in the style of Mods, then look up Mary Quant.


Bowling shoes. Mod boys are quite particular for bowling shoes. You need to be a little bit brave if you want to pull off this style and it was probably more suitable to the 1960s, but if you do it right, you can look amazing in this style shoes. Alternatively, choose a pair of boating shoes Style.


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Where Do You Go To Get Help And Advice About Mod Wearing Mod Clothing?

The mod look is a fashion look that tends to attract people who are looking to be a little bit more off beat in the Sense of fashion.  One problem with modern fashion is that everybody ends up looking the same. This is ok if you want to fit in, but in some people, this doesn't sit right. They feel as if conformity means that they aren't being true to themselves.


It's not so much that people want to be different; it's that they want to make sure they're not being held back somehow by fitting in with the crowd. We are all well aware now of the problems in following the crowd. Things like Milgram’s obedience study has shown that peer pressure isn't always something positive and people react to these sentiments in the way that they dress, ensuring they avoid thinking too deeply into the zeitgeist.





There's the other side to that as well. There's the whole cultural movement of “look at me! I'm so different". The "holds up spork" meme is the perfect embodiment of the risk that in trying to separate somewhat from the crowd, you end up becoming a parody.


One thing that people can do is to adopt elements of different fashions and work them in around a modern wardrobe. This allows them to be part of the modern-day spirit, but also to bring in something unique that suits their personality. During the time when mod clothing London first appeared on the scene, Mods were there mainstream, so by following them back then, you and the risk of Falling Into the Peer Pressure problems we mentioned above.


However, now, they aren't particularly part of modern culture. If it's a look that you like then you can incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe.  If the Mod look is something that speak to your personality, and you want to incorporate it into your wardrobe, then that's fine.


It won't have the same elements of following the crowd that it had in the past or that other styles have now. It brings an element of uniqueness to your outfit, but only if it's the style that speaks to you personally. Otherwise, you'll feel as if you're trying to be something you're not.


Discovering where you can find information about mod fashions isn't always clear. It's not particularly popular style nowadays, so you need to understand where to go in order to find genuine replicas of the style.


The best place in the UK for the mod shop is without a doubt Carnaby Street. If you can get down there, you'll find many different shops and you'll be able to speak the people who are well invested in this style of clothing. They'll be able to provide you with some great hints and tips for pulling it off with style in the modern fashion landscape.


I hope that you found the information outlined above useful, or at least interesting.


If you are interested in buying mod clothing, please visit.


Buying Mod Shoes: What Are Some of the Rules?

Mod fashions are a difficult one to follow. While the rules are relatively simple, the execution is much harder and it’s easy to get it wrong.


However, if you're at the point of wondering how to choose the correct style of shoes, you're already well ahead of the curve because it means that you have the basics down to a pat.


You understand your colours, your geometric prints, your lines, your cuts: you just need to understand how to tie it all together with your shoes. During the course of this article, this is what we are going to be teaching you.


So, there are a few questions that you can answer that will help direct your choice of shoes. First, is your wardrobe bright? If the shirts you wear, the trousers you’ve chosen, your coat, and your blazer have taken the brighter side of the mod fashion to heart, then you need to create some contrast in your choice of shoes.


If you rush out and buy shoes that match the style of your existing wardrobe (in terms of the colours and prints, not as in the overall style – you always need to choose shoes that fit with the mod style), then you will need to balance this by avoiding brightly coloured and patterned shoes. Here, for example, Jam shoes are not the ideal choice.



What will happen if you combine too many elements of bright colours and geometric prints? You'll end up looking like a parody of the mod fashion. It will appear more as fancy dress than as a style that other people will take seriously.


However, if you're on the other end of the spectrum and your wardrobe is more about the shape and cut of your clothes – e.g. you wear tailored shirts, such as the Brutus Trimfit shirts, the chinos, the blazers, but they are all relatively demure in colour and it’s more the shape and cut that relates to the mod look – rather than the bright colours and geometric prints, you have a few more options.


Well, to be precise, you have two options:


  1. You can continue in the same vain and buy a mod style that doesn’t at the same time have the bright colours and geometric prints.


The problem here is that while you'll look good and it will appear somewhat modish, it’s only to the discerning eye that your style is a Mod style. To most people, it will simply look like a preppy-type of style.


It won’t be so much striking as the true Mod outfits are, but it will still look good. An example here would be choosing a desert boot. 


  1. You can create a contrast and bring a bit more of the classic Mod look to your outfit by buying a pair of shoes that has the geometric prints and bright colours. Jam shoes would be the perfect choice here. They have the classic cut of a Mod shoe, but also the red, blue, and white colours that are classically Modish.