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Why it makes sense to invest in high quality clothing

With the arrival of certain high turnover high street fashion shops, it's become common for people to buy clothes that they only wear a few times before throwing out. Whilst this may be pleasing in some ways, and other ways it's a terrible idea. Today, we're going to make the argument for choosing quality over quantity when it comes to clothing.


People really notice that you're wearing the same thing more than once


With these High Street retailers, one of the ideas that their success is driving amongst the population is that you should never be caught twice in the same outfit. This is something that celebrities often do, and it's something that every day, ordinary, people are starting to adopt too.  They don't want everyone to think that they wear the same clothes day in and day out, so that always bye in different outfits.  They can afford this because the clothes are incredibly cheap.



This is a terrible idea because people don't notice if you wear the same thing more than once. One of the most important lessons that you can learn in life is that people aren't thinking or noticing you half as much as you think they are. Think about the way that you think; are you always thinking about other people, what they're wearing, and what they're doing? You probably aren't, and the same can be said for everybody else.


It's incredibly wasteful and bad for the environment


These high turnover clothes are terrible in so many different ways. Firstly, the people who make them are underpaid. That affects their local economy, which becomes stuck in this industry and can't branch out.  Secondly, most of these clothes end up in landfill sites. You might think that donating to charity is a good thing but most clothes that I donated to charity do not get used for end up in landfills.


These are two very good reasons for always buying high quality clothes. You won't want to throw them away after ones and once you realised that people are noticing you half as much as you think they are, you'll feel comfortable wearing them as many times as you want. And, what's so wrong with wearing the same clothes multiple times? Nothing.


Quality clothes look good


Quality clothes, such as those made by brands such as Jumpers,John Lewis, and House of Fraser, look good. They spend a lot of research and development creating new fashions that they know will look great. The clothes tailor perfectly to the body and they are flattering for the frame. 


Quality clothes last a long time in good condition


Unless you do something to ruin them, such as put a dry clean only item in your washing machine, your high-quality clothes are going to last longer than your cheaper clothes will. For example, not only does Art Clothing last longer, it also  maintains its condition for much longer, really going out of shape and rarely fading.