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Anyone throwing away their last tobacco cigarette in order to start vaping, is very likely to be highly confused about the equipment and the juices.


There is plenty that can be learnt online. But a visit to a local town vape store is the most useful option to take.


A friend that is already vaping is probably not the ideal person to ask. Vaping is a highly individual set of choices from the equipment to the near mind-boggling choices of e juices.


It’s a bit like using the aftershave or the deodorant a friend uses. What may be OK for him is unlikely to be another’s choice.


This is the reason that should you ever see a list reading something like; best e liquid UK, you’re better off ignoring it. On the other hand, a list that reveals the top selling juices may help a person pick one or two to try.


It’s impossible to look at all the e liquid flavours as there are an estimated ten thousand around the world. Many juices come from the USA and this seems odd as many States don’t even permit vaping.




Laws around the world on the subject of vaping vary considerably. And there are differences between States and regions. Anyone going abroad for work or holiday, should check carefully the laws in that destination country.


It’s also worth checking the airlines website to check rules about storage of vapes and juices. Like the law on laptops, this seems to constantly change.


The esteemed WHO produced a report a few years ago expressing its worries about vaping. This led to many countries completely banning it. But somewhat bizarrely, many of these are poorer nations with a very high percentage of users of tobacco.


Even some Australian Territories ban vaping and as at least one disgruntled person observed, tobacco kills and vaping probably doesn’t. Furthermore, it’s tempting to believe that the revenue income from tobacco is greater than from vape juice.

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