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Buying Mod Shoes: What Are Some of the Rules?

Mod fashions are a difficult one to follow. While the rules are relatively simple, the execution is much harder and it’s easy to get it wrong.


However, if you're at the point of wondering how to choose the correct style of shoes, you're already well ahead of the curve because it means that you have the basics down to a pat.


You understand your colours, your geometric prints, your lines, your cuts: you just need to understand how to tie it all together with your shoes. During the course of this article, this is what we are going to be teaching you.


So, there are a few questions that you can answer that will help direct your choice of shoes. First, is your wardrobe bright? If the shirts you wear, the trousers you’ve chosen, your coat, and your blazer have taken the brighter side of the mod fashion to heart, then you need to create some contrast in your choice of shoes.


If you rush out and buy shoes that match the style of your existing wardrobe (in terms of the colours and prints, not as in the overall style – you always need to choose shoes that fit with the mod style), then you will need to balance this by avoiding brightly coloured and patterned shoes. Here, for example, Jam shoes are not the ideal choice.



What will happen if you combine too many elements of bright colours and geometric prints? You'll end up looking like a parody of the mod fashion. It will appear more as fancy dress than as a style that other people will take seriously.


However, if you're on the other end of the spectrum and your wardrobe is more about the shape and cut of your clothes – e.g. you wear tailored shirts, such as the Brutus Trimfit shirts, the chinos, the blazers, but they are all relatively demure in colour and it’s more the shape and cut that relates to the mod look – rather than the bright colours and geometric prints, you have a few more options.


Well, to be precise, you have two options:


  1. You can continue in the same vain and buy a mod style that doesn’t at the same time have the bright colours and geometric prints.


The problem here is that while you'll look good and it will appear somewhat modish, it’s only to the discerning eye that your style is a Mod style. To most people, it will simply look like a preppy-type of style.


It won’t be so much striking as the true Mod outfits are, but it will still look good. An example here would be choosing a desert boot. 


  1. You can create a contrast and bring a bit more of the classic Mod look to your outfit by buying a pair of shoes that has the geometric prints and bright colours. Jam shoes would be the perfect choice here. They have the classic cut of a Mod shoe, but also the red, blue, and white colours that are classically Modish.