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There are so many different styles of clothing involved in Mod culture that you can write a book about each individual item. For this reason it is easy to find something to assemble a mod look for yourself.


There are many different styles such as tailored suits, jackets, hairstyles and accessories. One type of jackets that were very popular in the sixties were the Monkey Jackets which sometimes were also called Harrington jackets.


There is a likeness between these and the tanker type jackets which were worn in World War 2. They were allowed to be worn as a uniform was far too hot and restrictive to be worn in the battle field.


They are essential garments that keep the wind out such as a wind cheater. The only difference between the Harrington and the monkey variety is the collar which in the latter which has knitted cuffs, hem and collar rather than it being buttoned up.


Initially they were produced for golfers, but as their popularity grew everybody who had sense bought one as they were brilliant in keeping foul weather out.


If you should buy one of these garments you need to make sure it is a proper fit. They have a habit of riding up because of the knitted hem. There are slim-fits available which hems are not so rigid and they should fit perfectly.


There are many garments that can be worn with this, but for a casual look and in keeping with the Mod culture a polo shirt and either chinos or jeans would top it off nicely. For shoes you could use desert boots or perhaps even some bowling shoes which are typical wear from the period.


Even for young adults in the 60’s it was impossible to wear tailored suits day in day out and the jacket described above made an acceptable entrance in the otherwise mundane sport clothing circles.  Sporting gear was common place and they still needed to put their own stamp on alternative style.

For styles of Monkey jackets please go to https://www.sherryslondon.com/men/jackets/monkey-jackets/.