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3 Tips To Help You Dress Like A Mod This Summer

Mod fashions one of those versatile types of fashion that means that they never quite leave the collective conscience. Every now and then, it makes a new appearance on the High Street and once again, we are blessed with a return to mod-style clothing.  Today, we have written this article to provide you with three fantastic tips that will help you to understand exactly what you should be looking for when buying clothes to suit a mod style.



Remember, you don't have to copy the style exactly, but you can borrow elements from it to create a modern look. It's somewhat ironic that I just used the word modern to update the mod look because the word mod is just an abbreviation of modern. But, as you know, the Mod was actually quite a long time ago now.  Borrow from the look, but make it your own, to create a really awesome look this summer.


Tip one:  mod clothing requires that you choose block colours in specific colours


One of the Iconic things about mod fashion is that it uses block colours to emphasise the look. Typically, mods prefer to use the colours blue, white, and red. This is because it symbolises the Great British flag, the Union Jack.  You can't go wrong if you choose a top or shirt in these three colours. There are occasions where they break out, but if you're looking to create a mod look with a modern twist, then stick to these Colours otherwise it might just appear as if you're creating a completely separate look and people won't associate it with the mods.


The traditional mod look might stick to those traditional colours, but if you want to create a look using mod clothing, but not going all out, then stick to these colours and use them as a backdrop to your outfit.


Tip two:  choose tops that have geometric prints


Another quintessentially mod feature is the geometric print. They love big Block prints in bold block colours. If you imagine mod clothing in your mind, one of the first things you probably picture is the red, white, and blue target. This is essentially the symbol that represents all of mod fashions. Everyone recognises it... At least everybody over a certain age...


Tip three: make sure the clothes are well fitted


Nowadays, we tend to associate the model look with a bit of a rebel persona.  When it comes to being a rebel, tailored clothing isn't necessarily something that you would associate with them, although you would associate it with certain groups, such as the mafia.


Mods are nothing like the mafia in most respects, but in respect of wearing tailored clothing that fits the body well, they share that in common. Avoid wearing anything that's too baggy or unflattering to your frame.


Follow these three tips and you'll be spot on for mod fashion this summer.


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