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There are many clothes that have their origin in the sixties when there was a true fashion explosion. All kind of styles made their appearance as an antidote to the post war austerity years.


If you are looking for Brutus Trimfit you will find that it is a roll neck sweater which is now sold in many colours. The brand only produced dark colours in the sixties but a younger member of the family suggested that they should try white.



The company has never looked back as garments just kept flying off the shelf. These kinds of sweaters are still very popular.


Many people, both men and women do like a garment that keeps their neck warm in the winter months. A trim fit one is a very versatile piece of clothing. They can be used in truly cold weather as the bottom layer for putting another jumper on top. Layering is very common and practical in the winter months because it traps warm air between the garments.


Of course, at this time of the year in our recent hot weather they are too hot to wear, but there is no reason why you should not stock up now for later on this year. Besides, the temperature has dropped somewhat and it is perfect weather at the moment to show your pecks in this trim fitting piece of clothing.


They are also easier to wear for a casual night out because a shirt restricts body movement somewhat. Besides, they look good under a jacket and the best thing is that you do not need a tie. You will still look smart casual in an outfit like that.


Another advantage of a sweater like this is that it defines the shape of your face which is always flattering to your countenance.


If you are going to wear one of these you need to know that they look best under a jacket, or if you don’t want to wear one, under a coat.

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